Mel B’s Estranged Husband Stephen Belafonte Files for Divorce

Mel B’s estranged husband Stephen Belafonte filed for divorce from the former Spice Girl after she was granted a restraining order that protects her and their children from his alleged abuse.

Belafonte’s petition was filed two weeks after Mel B (Melanie Brown) filed her petition to end their 10-year marriage. TMZ reports that Belafonte is asking Brown for spousal support and wants her to pay his lawyer’s fees. Brown asked the judge to deny Belafonte support in her earlier divorce petition.

Their respective petitions propose different separation dates: Belafonte says it was Mar. 1, 2017, while Brown says it was Dec. 28, 2016. This detail comes into play when it’s time to divide property. According to an article from Forbes, “In general, all assets and income acquired from the date of marriage to the date of separation is marital property; anything acquired after the date of separation is separate property.”

TMZ states that both petitions acknowledge that there is community property on the line, indicating that they did not sign a prenup.

Belafonte is asking for joint legal custody of their one child together. Brown asked for joint custody when she filed for divorce, but asked for sole legal and physical custody when she filed her restraining order documents this week.

Belafonte and Brown were married in Las Vegas in June 2007 after dating for five months. Among a long list of allegations, Brown claimed that Belafonte was abusive throughout their relationship and forced her into performing sexual acts by threatening exploitation that would ruin her career.