A Deli Named a Sandwich After Ali Fedotowsky Because of Her Love for Eggs

It’s possible that Ali Fedotowsky didn’t find love during her season of The Bachelorette because the apple of her eye was hiding in plain sight all along.

The curious thing is that Fedotowsky’s “apple” isn’t an apple at all; it’s the incredible egg, whether it’s scrambled, deviled or sculpted into a frittata.

“I love eggs so much that if you go to my hometown in Williamstown, MA, there’s a little deli called Pappa Charlie’s where they name sandwiches after people on TV,” she tells me breathlessly over the phone. “Since I was on The Bachelorette, they were kind enough to name a sandwich after me, so they asked me, ‘What’s your favorite sandwich? We’ll name it after you.’ I told them an egg salad sandwich with cucumber and lettuce on wheat bread. So if you go to my hometown in Williamstown and go to that deli, you will  an egg salad sandwich named after me.”

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Fedotowsky’s love affair with the protein-packed superfood has been made public through her partnership with the American Egg Board for their Easter #EggArt sweepstakes. Between now and Apr. 16, 2017, you are automatically entered to win an American Egg Board Easter gift set that includes a KitchenAid Mixer, egg molds, and more when you post a photo of your own decorated Easter eggs on Instagram using the hashtags #EggArt and #Sweepstakes.

In anticipation of Easter, the reality star-turned-TV personality was most excited to introduce her 9-month-old daughter Molly to egg decorating since it was her family’s favorite tradition to honor during her own childhood. She recalls, “I remember me, my brother, and my mom and dad sitting around a table with those little metal things that you use to dip them into the coloring. I remember that specifically, silly things like that.”

Fedotowsky and her husband Kevin Manno documented Molly’s first experience doing so on her blog Ali Luvs. They tried novel egg-decorating techniques, like applying temporary tattoos, using a pencil eraser to make polka dot designs, and achieving a Glitter Egg by rolling a hard boiled egg in Mod Podge and shaking it in a Ziplock bag filled with glitter. However, her prized discovery was the earthy subtlety in swapping out white eggs for brown.

“I had never done that before but now they’re my favorite kind of eggs to decorate,” she says. ” I think it looks so natural, which is right on-trend, and it’s very chic and modern-looking. I feel like I’m Martha Stewart. Don’t I sound like her?”

She does, especially when she advises pricking a raw egg with a pin and blowing out the center to preserve it as a piece of artwork that won’t spoil.

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“I was so nervous knowing that I wanted to do a blog post about it because I’m obsessed with making content and I wanted to make things look pretty. I was afraid that my eggs wouldn’t come out that great, but they came out so well and it was so easy! If I can do it, anybody can do it.”

Fedotowsky will be also cooking with eggs on Easter. She plans on making crêpes, which she believes are the “best things in the world.”

“They look really hard to make, but they’re actually super easy! I found a recipe on the Incredible Egg website that uses flour, butter, water, and eggs,” says Fedotowsky. “Crêpes tend to be cheesy, but instead of using cheese, you can actually grate an egg and use it as a substitute. It’s a new trend in eggs, and it gives the crêpe an egg texture. It’s all protein, very nutritious. I also add pesto for more flavor, along with avocado, tomatoes, and spinach, and it is so freakin’ good.”

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She also learned how to naturally dye eggs in beet juice and water from the Incredible Egg’s recipe database, which turns them a beautiful shade of light purple.

“If you want to impress your guests when they come over, serve them a purple egg. It’s the coolest thing ever,” she says.

To Molly’s good fortune, Fedotowsky will also incorporate an Easter ritual coined by her grandma into her first Easter celebration.

“My grandmother would put money in the plastic Easter eggs instead of candy — not a lot of money, like a quarter or something,” Fedotowsky recalls. “Then there was always one big Easter egg with one of our names on it that we had to find that had a $5 bill in it, which was like a gazillion dollars to us back then. That was the jackpot egg”

She’ll be taking her darling daughter to the visit the Easter bunny at the mall (“If she’s smiling with the Easter bunny, that’s great. If she’s screaming her head off, that will also be the cutest picture ever.”) and she might even color-coordinate their outfits for Easter brunch.

“I’m all about matching with your children and I’m totally going to do that,” says the budget-friendly fashionista. “I’m thinking about pastels or something very, very spring and Easter-feeling. I feel like it’s such a happy holiday, so I want our wardrobe to match how we feel.”

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While I had Fedotowsky on the phone, I couldn’t help but ask if she had any advice for the new Bachelorette, Rachel LindsayIt just so happens that she already texted her with her so-called “unsolicited advice.”

“I told her to enjoy the moment. It’s really hard dating all of these guys. It’s really difficult,” Fedotowsky admits. “You’re dealing with all of these people and their emotions, you’re traveling non-stop, you’re not getting any sleep, you’re going on dates all day, everyday for three months. It’s exhausting!

I really didn’t enjoy being The Bachelorette, but I wish that I had. I was really miserable the whole time and cried almost every single day. Either I was tired or felt bad about something or hurting somebody. Sometimes I didn’t like somebody and they were creeping me out. Finding a husband is something you should take seriously, but also remember to lighten up and go with the flow. I really think she’ll do that.”

Visit the American Egg Board’s website for more information on their #EggArt sweepstake and visit Fedotowsky’s blog, AliLuvs.com, for more egg-decorating tips.