Kendall Jenner Fears the End of Her Modeling Career: ‘Everyone Wants an Excuse to Talk Sh*t’

Kendall Jenner is afraid negativity from critics will harm her modeling career.

Hot on the heels of her disastrous Pepsi commercial, the upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians ironically deals with the 21-year-old’s fears of criticism. While speaking to sister Kylie Jenner about their clothing line in a teaser clip, the fashion It-girl starts to get stress out and flips when she realizes bad reviews from the public may “tarnish” her brand. (Oh, little did she know…)

“F*ck! I don’t know why I’m so nervous,” Kendall says in the preview. “I’m really proud of the line, but I’ve worked really hard to be taken seriously and recognized in Vogue and in the fashion world.”

She continues, “If this doesn’t go as well as we hope, it might tarnish some things in the modeling world, so it’s even more frightening.”

When Kylie asks if she’s having “second thoughts” about their collaboration, Kendall explains “it just freaks me out.”

She laments, “Everyone wants an excuse to talk sh*t and I don’t want this to be that.”

As previously reported, Kendall’s new Pepsi ad was harshly received by fans and critics for seemingly making light of racial movements like Black Lives Matter. Since the soda giant pulled the entire campaign and issued an apology, the reality star is said to be feeling “horrible” for being a part of the PR snafu.