Matt Baier’s Alleged Side Chick Leaks Recording of Him Threatening Her

It looks like Amber Portwood’s fiancé is in trouble again.

Just days after someone leaked incriminating texts suggesting Matt Baier was having an affairTiffany Basset — a woman claiming to be the Teen Mom OG star’s side chick — released an audio recording of Baier allegedly threatening her during a heated conversation.

The two, who reportedly met online two years ago, were said to have a falling out over jealousy issues when Baier called her with an alarming message. Via Teen Mom Talk Now:

Things have also gone downhill with Matt and Tiffany’s relationship. Tiffany posted a recording of what seems to be a telephone call between her a Matt. During the call, Matt threatens Tiffany with a “police investigation.”

Matt says, “You need to listen to me and don’t hang up. I’m about to do you the biggest favor in the world. I don’t know why I’m doing it. I told Amber I’m doing it; she disagreed with me. Tiffany, walk away from this thing. A police investigation is about to launch this afternoon…”

Listen to the recording over at Teen Mom Talk Now…