Justin Bieber’s Former Neighbors Sue for Alleged Hate Crime

Justin Bieber’s former neighbors who were egged by the singer in 2014 claim that he also committed a hate crime.

The couple alleges that anti-Semitic comments were hurled their way, but they admit in the documents that it wasn’t Bieber who spewed them.

TMZ reports:

Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz have gone after Bieber for years after the infamous 2014 egging, for which Bieber was prosecuted. They got $80k from the singer for repairs to their home, but that wasn’t enough. Jeffrey claims Bieber ruined his car sales business with all the publicity surrounding the feud.

They filed suit claiming emotional distress and loss of income, but now they’ve upped the ante by alleging a campaign of terror was waged against them. In the new docs, lawyers for the Schwartzes say, “Threatening a man with body harm while calling him a ‘little Jew boy’ and intimidating him with ‘what are you going to do about it, Jew boy?’ is a hate crime.”

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