Jenelle Evans Accused of Abusing Her Dogs

People are accusing Jenelle Evans of animal abuse once again.

The Teen Mom 2 alum, who faced severe backlash in 2014 for caging two large dogs into one tiny kennel, is being slammed by followers after she shared a photo of her pooches huddled together in a small space.

“They aren’t in a cage, have a doghouse, and 7 acres of land… this is what I wake up to. They are in the shoe tray,” she captioned the picture, which some claimed showed how the canines were afraid of her after years of alleged abuse. Via Teen Mom Talk Now:

Jenelle may have completely turned her life around for the better, but fans have trouble forgetting about the horrifying scene. Jenelle posted a picture to Snapchat of her two dogs huddling together in a confined space. Many commented on how sad the pups looked.

One commenter says, “Jenelle is an ignorant and uncaring owner, unsurprisingly.”

Another agrees writing, “Jesus God Jenelle. The look on their faces are heartbreaking.”

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