North West’s Time Out Is Actually a Day at the Spa

When you’re Kim Kardashian’s daughter, your “punishment” is actually what us regular folks call R&R.

North West treated herself to a mini spa day when she was sent to her room for misbehaving. As seen in an adorable photo shared by her mom, the 3-year-old spent her time out lounging on a plush pillow with a warm towel over her eyes.

“That time North gets a time out & is a little too quiet… I go in her room to check on her & she’s in the bathroom, made her own spa & tells me she’s chilling out 😂,” Kardashian wrote on Instagram.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time we saw Nori’s sassy side.

Last year, Kardashian shared a video of her daughter refusing to take a photo. Clad Ugg boots and draped in a fur coat, the toddler refused to allow her mother snap a shot.

 “No! No pictures,” the toddler demanded before storming off.

You know what they say: the apple does’t fall far from the tree