WATCH: Melissa McCarthy Rolls Through NYC Traffic as Sean Spicer

Melissa McCarthy is back at it again!

Just days before her fifth hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, the actress slipped back into her Sean Spicer costume to film a last minute sketch for the comedy show. Literally stopping traffic, McCarthy rolled through the New York City streets on a White House press room podium as she yelled at slow-moving cars.

Luckily for those who weren’t in the Big Apple to witness the hilarious traffic jam, everything was captured on social media.

“Come on. Come on!” Spicy — er, we mean — McCarthy yelled at passerby.

This Saturday, McCarthy will become the fifth woman to be inducted into SNL’s unofficial Five-Timers Club, joining Drew Barrymore, Candice Bergen, Tina Fey, and Scarlett Johannson as women who’ve hosted the sketch show five times. The Ghostbusters star will be joined by musical guest Haim.