Hackers Are Holding the New ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Film for Ransom

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was seized by ransom hackers associated with the global ransomware cyber-attack that compromised the systems of British hospitals and other organizations in over 99 countries.

According to Deadline, hackers pilfered the unreleased film and have demanded “an enormous amount of money” be paid to Bitcoin, an encrypted digital form of currency. Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that the hackers threatened to release 20-minute bits of the film unless the payment was fulfilled. The conglomerate media company is working with the FBI and refuses to pay the requested amount of money.

A town hall meeting was held for ABC employees on Monday to inform them of the situation at hand, though it was not explicitly stated which project the hackers obtained at the time. Deadline first reported that it was indeed the fifth installment of Pirates, which was due out in theaters on May 26.

A similar cyber attack was launched against Netflix last month when an anonymous hacker threatened to release the next season of Orange Is the New Black. Netflix refused to fulfill the monetary request and the hackers followed through with their threat.