Spencer Pratt Calls Kylie Jenner the ‘Least Relevant’ One of the Kardashian Family

Spencer Pratt didn’t have high hopes for Kylie Jenner when he first met the famous Kardashian clan.

The Hills alum admits he was surprised by the 19-year-old’s fame during his appearance on the LadyGang podcast. Speaking with host Keltie Knight, actress Becca Tobin and fashion designer Jac Vanek, Pratt says he initially thought the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was the “least relevant” compared to her older sisters.

“I’m so happy for her because she was supposed to have no fame,” the 33-year-old shares. “I watched every episode of the Kardashians. She was never like—you weren’t watching Kylie like she’s going to be the richest, most famous one.”

He continues, “So to me, she’s the underdog.”

The notorious reality villain also confirms rumors he’s lost all the money earned from appearing on The Hills. According to the former MTV star, he blew through roughly $10 million in the span of a few years.

“Oh, that’s definitely a fact. It’s so easy to do that,” he confesses, calling himself a “lunatic” when it comes to money. “My ego was so big that I was like, ‘Oh, I’m going to be Tom Cruise, so money’s not a thing.'”

“I mean, I was going to Cut in Beverly Hills when it was popping, and I was ordering bottles of Screaming Eagle at like $4,000 a bottle,” he says, listing the lavish things he would drop cash on in a heartbeat. “And jewelry — I had Jesus pieces that I don’t even have anymore. I lost it, gave it away, moved to Costa Rica, left a house full of stuff to be robbed. I wasn’t really thinking too hard. Pure narcissist.”

Though Pratt isn’t as broke as he used to be, he’s still admittedly chasing that big pay day. When speaking about wife Heidi Montag’s pregnancy, the dad-to-be reveals they had to hold off family planning until they had finished their latest stint on U.K’s Celebrity Big Brother.

“Heidi had wanted a baby since I met her so she — mentally and emotionally — was always trying,” he shares. “We knew we were going to do the Celebrity Big Brother All-Stars because they had already told us after the first one … So I was always, like, ‘You can’t be pregnant. This is an insane check. We can’t say no. Even if you had the baby ahead of time, you’re not going to want to leave your new child to go live in a nightmare for like six weeks or whatever.'”

“Literally, the day we got out of Big … they had to put us up at a five-star hotel for ten days,” Pratt remembers. “So, Heidi’s like, ‘Can we have a baby now? Next day, she’s pregnant.'”

Montag, 30, recently revealed they are expecting a baby boy.