If You’re Focused on Looking at Kendall Jenner’s Nipples in These Photos, You’re Missing the Best Part of the Scene

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Kendall Jenner headed to Cannes Film Festival at the start of her weekend wearing a crochet ensemble that partially exposed skin on the upper half of her body.

That skin, of course, included her nipples — her human nipples that are a common body part among most mammals on earth. As we know, the internet erupts in a fanfare when nipples are visible on any celebrity, but as soon as you step away from the nipples, more interesting things about the scene reveal themselves.

Kendall Jenner flashes some skin wearing crochet outfit!

Take for instance the fact that Jenner is wearing crocheted knit from head to toe when it is sweltering hot in Nice and in Los Angeles. Or, if you look at the other photos from Jenner’s arrival in Nice, you’ll notice that there are two adult black belts in the background who are overjoyed by the presence of a reality TV star-cum-model.

Kendall Jenner arrives in style at the Nice Airport

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Jenner will join her friend Bella Hadid at the film festival just after Hadid walked the red carpet for the screening of Okja wearing a vibrant red gown from Dior Haute Couture.

“I am always so honored to walk the Film Festival carpet.. especially in this beautiful gown…in my favorite color of course…❤️🌹💋,” Hadid wrote in the caption of the photo below.