At Least 19 Dead After Explosion at Ariana Grande Concert

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More than a dozen people were killed after an explosion occurred at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England Monday (May 22, 2017).

The explosion reportedly happened near the entrance to the 21,000-seat Manchester Arena just minutes after Grande finished her performance of  “Dangerous Woman,” according to witnesses. Authorities quickly rushed to the scene, where they discovered at least 19 dead and 50 people injured.

“This is currently being treated as a terrorist incident until police know otherwise,” Manchester police said in a statement.

Medics at the scene told BBC they are treating victims suffering from “shrapnel-like injuries.”

A rep for the singer confirmed Grande — who had already left the stage at the time of the explosion — was not hurt. “Ariana is okay,” Joseph Carozza, the 23-year-old’s publicist at Republic Records, said. “We are further investigating what happened.”

Videos of the aftermath surfaced online shortly after the incident, depicting bloodied injuries and concertgoers stampeding towards the exit. According to the arena’s Facebook page, the explosion occurred in a public space just outside the building as fans were streaming out of the venue.

“The lights had come up everyone was just getting out and walking towards the stairs, when all of a sudden this huge sound, which sounded like an explosion went off,” eyewitness Karen Ford told the BBC. “Everyone just stopped and turned around, and then somebody shouted ‘it’s a bomb’ and everyone just started running. Everybody was trying to push people up the stairs. There was a lot of children there without parents. There was no one to calm them down so everyone was just screaming, crying and pushing.”

Abby Barker, who attended the concert, told ABC News, “I looked across the arena and everyone over there started running in different directions, screaming in panic. We all started panicking too and ran out the doors and ran down the stairs out of the arena. We got outside and children were crying their eyes out, people talking about it being a bomb/gunshots, there were many parents running towards the arena but no one knew exactly what it was.”

Grande’s show at London’s O2 Arena this Thursday is currently up in the air. Insiders tells TMZ the songstress is “in hysterics” and “in no condition to perform.”

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