Tom Cruise Confirms a ‘Top Gun’ Sequel Is Happening

Dust off your aviators because Tom Cruise just went public with the news that a Top Gun sequel is definitely in the works.

Cruise’s segment on Sunrise, Australia’s “most popular brekky show,” was just about to end when the hosts asked him if it’s true that a Top Gun sequel is currently being produced.

“It’s true,” Cruise confirmed. “I’m going to start probably in the next year. I know, it’s happening. It’s definitely happening. You’re the first people I’ve said it to, you asked me and so I’m telling you.”

The original film starring Cruise and directed by Tony Scott was released in 1986, 31 years ago. Its plot follows Maverick (Cruise), who is sent to the US Navy weapons school as he competes with the other students to be the best in the class. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Charlotte Blackwood (Kelly McGillis), an astrophysicist and instructor at the school.

The rumored sequel to Top Gun has been a passion project for Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer. No further details about the new film are available at this time, so play some Kenny Loggins on repeat to quench your thirst in the meantime.