Chris Cornell’s Wife Gives a Chilling Account of His Last Moments

Chris Cornell’s wife, Vicky Karayiannis, says that their last conversation together brought her back to 14 years ago when Cornell was abusing prescription medications.

Karayiannis told friends and family that she last spoke with Cornell about 30 minutes before he was found dead in a Detroit hotel room.

TMZ reports:

Vicky says just before Chris called her, the lights in their family home — which Chris could control remotely from his phone — began flickering on and off. When he called she asked him if he had just manipulated the lights and he said no — that he did it an hour before.

Vicky immediately became suspicious because Chris was onstage an hour before. Things got more ominous as he began slurring, and every minute the slurring got worse. He was complaining about the show and his crew, saying, “They f***ed up again. They had 3 days to fix my in-ears and I was getting static. I couldn’t hear.”

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