Amber Portwood Shares Polygraph Test Results in Hopes of Dispelling Matt Baier Cheating Rumors

Amber Portwood wants you to know Matt Baier isn’t cheating on her — so much so that she’s hired someone to give her fiancé a lie detector test.

Amid rumors her beau has been sexting other woman behind her back, the Teen Mom OG star tweeted the outcome from an alleged polygraph test Baier had taken that questioned him about the deeds. Though Portwood initially shared the results in hopes of dispelling any allegations of an affair, her plan quickly backfired when fans realized the firm the 27-year-old hired may be an illegitimate company scamming people for money.

Via Teen Mom Talk Now:

Thanks to some internet sleuths who tracked down where these polygraph results came from, we believe that Amber and/or Matt simply paid a site to print out a sheet that looks real.

Redditor MrsMickeyKnox said about the website, “It looks all right, until you notice there’s very few details, some misspellings, non-American spellings, non-clickable icons, etc. I called the phone number and got a recording for “SecureCorp.” Looked up the phone number in the white pages- it’s not listed and it’s a VOIP like Google Voice. The address in Texas is an office building. She posted fake polygraph results she bought online. She forgot to hide the company’s info on the second page. That’s why she deleted her tweets but it’s too late. Sloppy.”

Presumably embarrassed by the snafu, Portwood quickly deleted her tweet, writing, “You know what I don’t need to prove anything..deleted. Hope you got your screenshot.”

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