Khloé Kardashian Eats WHAT as a Meal?!

Khloé Kardashian's Tips to Healthy Eating
Find out how you can diet like a Kardashian.

Khloé Kardashian’s “revenge body” wasn’t easy to attain.

According to the reality star’s nutritionist, Dr. Philip Goglia, his client sticks to a strict 1,400-calorie diet every day to maintain her figure. Breaking down Khloé’s daily meal plan, he said told Healthista, “When it comes to nutrition and weight loss, it’s 80 percent in the kitchen and twenty percent in the gym.”

“We work with each client to determine their metabolic body type,” he shared. “Each requires a unique meal breakdown based on how that person’s body breaks down proteins, fats and carbs.”

For breakfast, Goglia said Khloé drinks a shake made of one scoop of whey protein powder and one tablespoon almond butter blended with fruit, ice and water. After hitting the gym, she’ll have a piece of fruit to hold her over until lunch.

Goglia also broke down what Khloé ate for lunch. Also packed with fresh produce, typical mid-day meals for the Strong Looks Better Naked author include “4 oz. chicken breast with vegetables and salad that is high in iron (something like beetroot and spinach)” or “one cup of celery or one cup of tomatoes with 12 almonds.”

Khloé reportedly snacks on “either one cup of celery or tomatoes with one egg” as an afternoon snack before having fatty fish – “either salmon, sea bass, black cod or arctic char” — with vegetables for dinner.

“She has a pattern where she will do seven days on and then have one meal off,” Goglia noted. “Her choice of cheat would vary a great deal — maybe she’ll have a slice of cake as dessert or a pizza or pasta dinner, basically whatever she has a craving for.”

As for foods to avoid, Goglia recommended staving off dairy, soy, dried fruit, fizzy sodas, and multi-ingredient starches like breads and baked goods to get a body like Khloé’s.

“Drink your water!” he added. “Always try to properly hydrate your body, regardless of her food choice or the day Khloé always makes sure to keep her water intake up.”