Diplo Reacts to Katy Perry Ranking Him as the Worst Lover in Bed

Diplo doesn’t seem too thrilled about being declared as the worst at sex.

Just days after Katy Perry ranked the DJ as the least skilled in the bedroom amongst her ex-boyfriends, Diplo took to Twitter to respond to the claims. Replying to link to an article that read, “Katy Perry says Diplo is worse at sex than John Mayer and Orlando Bloom,” the 32-year-old threw some major shade at the “Swish Swish” songstress in a subtweet.

“I don’t even remember having sex,” he wrote.

He added in another tweet, “I won the bronze metal in sex Olympics.”

Katy, 32, dated Diplo briefly dated in 2014. She later reconciled with on-and-off boyfriend John, who she claimed was the best at sex. According to the singer, Orlando — who she had been dating until earlier this year — placed second out of the trio.

She said during her 96-hour YouTube livestream, “They’re all amazing lovers and I would have sex with all of them when I get out of this place!” Well, count Diplo out.

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