Azealia Banks Sued for $137K in Unpaid Credit Card Debt

There’s a legitimate reason why Azealia Banks named her album Broke with Expensive Taste.

A credit company just slapped the “212” rapper with a $137,000 lawsuit, claiming Azalea has been owing thousands on multiple credit cards since 2012. According to court documents, it took the 29-year-old less than five years for her to rack up a six-figure debt.

Via Hip Hop My Way:

It wasn’t until December of 2016 that Azaelia must have fallen on hard times and fell behind on her payments. On that card alone, she owes $79,000.

In May of 2015, Azaelia got another Visa card and racked up a balance of $8,000 between then and now. Did $87,000 in debt not seem like enough?

In addition to these first two lines, she was inexplicably granted another line of credit. Did she budget responsibly with this one? Well, if racking up $50,000 of debt counts as responsible budgeting, then yes, she did!

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