Kylie Jenner Has an Unhealthy Relationship with Her Ex-Boyfriend, ‘Hollywood Medium’ Tyler Henry Says

Kylie Jenner may be blissfully dating Travis Scott at the moment, but there’s an ex out there who still plays a big part in her love life.

According to Tyler Henry on Wednesday night’s episode of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has an unhealthy relationship with a former boyfriend that could jeopardize her current relationship. Without mentioning any names, the clairvoyant said this person goes “in and out” of Kylie’s life and “can’t commit” to maintaining strong ties.

“There’s a situation with an individual from the past that you’ve been romantically involved with,” he told her during her reading. “The feeling is basically that we want to really set healthy boundaries.”

Kylie, who has been on-and-off with Tyga before dating Travis, replied, “I think I know who you’re talking about.”

“What’s weird though is that right now it’s platonic. It’s not a romantic thing right now, but the feeling is that it’s still not a healthy reminder to have instability in that dynamic,” Tyler continued. He also mention a situation where “someone tries to get with one sister” and then “tries to get with the other.” (Kylie’s current beau was previously rumored to be linked to sister Kendall Jenner.)

Tyler also brought up Khloé Kardashian’s past marriage during his reading of the sisters. Though he didn’t necessarily single out Lamar Odom, he did warn Khloé that it’s “important that he doesn’t isolate himself, as I think he may have a tendency to do.”

“And that’s something that we can only control so much of, you can’t control someone else’s actions, it is not your responsibility. I just hope he stays in the state…need to stay in California,” he cautioned.

As for Khloé’s current romance with Tristan Thompson, the medium revealed, “So long as we can make sure distance does not end up being an issue, we’re fine.”