DeMario Jackson’s Ex Calls Him a “Sh***y Guy” Amid ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Scandal

DeMario Jackson’s ex-girlfriend — yes, the one that exposed him as a two-timing cheat on The Bachelorette — is speaking out about the Bachelor in Paradise scandal.

According to Lexi Thexton, she believes DeMario would never take advantage of Corinne Olympios, who was allegedly drunk and unable to consent to a sexual encounter with the 30-year-old on the set of the ABC show.

Via TMZ:

Lexi Thexton claims DeMario is nothing more than a “30-year-old man child” who parties way too much — but also says there’s no way the Bachelor in Paradise star would knowingly take advantage of a drunk woman … as Corinne insinuated when she declared she’s a victim.

For Lexi to say anything supportive about her ex is a big deal. Mind you, she also called him a “sh***y guy” who’s completely self-absorbed … among a list of other insults. She did offer a theory about what really happened with Corinne — and strongly believes it’s more about 2 people getting too drunk.

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