Here’s the REAL Reason Why Amber Portwood Broke Up with Matt Baier

Amber Portwood didn’t end her engagement to Matt Baier because he was cheating.

In fact, the 27-year-old Teen Mom OG star doesn’t believe her former fiancé had an affair at all. In a new interview, Amber claims she broke things off with her 46-year-old ex because she had discovered drugs in his possession.

Via Teen Mom Talk Now:

As we previously reported, Matt Baier admitted to giving Catelynn Lowell a Xanax when she felt panicky before a show taping with the whole crew. “It was pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back. We’re not together now,” said Amber about the incident.

Not only was Amber upset that Matt would put her friend in danger since Catelynn has emotional issues, Matt has claimed to be a recovering drug addict himself, and she felt like he was being irresponsible by having drugs on him. Matt said about having the mediciation, “I even said to Amber if I wanted it, why would it have been in my pocket? It would have been in my stomach.”

Amber wasn’t for that explanation though. She broke up with him and said, “At this point, I told him it’s pretty much up to him to save this relationship.”

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