Here’s What Happened When I Got a Reading From ‘Hollywood Medium’ Tyler Henry

It’s easy to dismiss Tyler Henry.

Like all clairvoyants, the 21-year-old has his own skeptics. Ever since Tyler found fame connecting with the deceased relatives of celebrities on E!’s Hollywood Medium, those who question his legitimacy have undoubtedly doubled in size.

As someone whose closest encounter with a medium was the Magic 8-Ball, I was fairly neutral going into a private reading with Tyler. If anything, I had only slight reservations about his self-proclaimed gift — after all, it’s not hard giving Kylie Jenner a reading about her love life when its constantly in the tabloids — when I met up with him during one sunny day in Los Angeles.

Climbing out of a car driven by his own mother, the baby-faced star looked more like a teenager being dropped off at the library than someone with three seasons of his own television series. The most “Hollywood” thing about him with the slightly-worn Lacoste sneakers on his feet. He was only armed with blank notebook — something he scribbles in as “a way to meditate” and “get in the zone” — that many loyal viewers will recognize. He spoke softly, putting even the most troubled mind at ease.

When I mentioned I haven’t had so much as a tarot card reading, Tyler calmly explained what he does has less to do with supernatural forces and more to do with energy we give off.

“When I interact with people, my job is to really relay what I see here and feel. When I sit down with the person, I get inundated with impressions — sometimes the impressions are very specific, other times they’re very general and I have to see where they lead,” he said. “The goal is to get information for the person in front of me.”

The whole process was less intimidating than I thought. Most of the time, Tyler sat with his head slightly tilted as he ran a pen back and forth on the pages of his book. “Mhmm, okay,” he would say between the strokes. “Interesting.” Following a bit more scratching, he sensed I had sister and a familial “connection in the north.” He also identified someone in my mom’s family suffering from, as he vaguely put it, “eye issues.” More scratches later, he felt a strong impression of a big move in my future.

“Around you, they’re having me highlight moving — like residence stuff,” he noted. “They’re not just acknowledging you with this move, they’re having me acknowledge your partner. It’s a person, but it’s romantic. It’s like moving together. This is coming through over the course of three years.”

This went on for another 20 minutes. We spoke about my job and my health. We touched upon any red flags I should be concerned about in the future. Having just witnessed a total stranger hit on details of my life not even divulged to my closest friends, I left the reading a new happy and hopeful believer. After all, Tyler did nail the details about my family situation in Canada with an eerie accuracy. (For the record: I’m single, so we’ll just have to see about that boyfriend premonition!)

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I only had doubts when I recounted the reading to a friend later that afternoon. Examining what Tyler told me, my companion — who is probably more pragmatic about life than I am — reasoned a simple scroll through my public social media accounts would tell anyone the same information about my sister in Canada. Statistically, he argued, a person of my age would also likely know an older relative with declining vision.

Looking back, was I a little too eager to believe…?

But maybe that’s just the thing with Tyler. Those who want to feel there’s something in the great beyond will find truth in his readings. Like me, they’ll find some comfort and solace — even for only a brief period of time. On the other hand, those who are cynics will always attempt to disprove him.

“It helps sometimes to have an unbiased source to kind of guide us,” Tyler told me before we ended the reading. “I don’t feel like there’s any right or wrong answer when it comes to decisions you make in the future. I think it matters what resonates with you.”

Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. on E!