Caitlyn Jenner Still Feuding with Kris Leads Today’s Star Sightings

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Even though Caitlyn Jenner is back on speaking terms with her daughters, drama is still brewing in the Kardashian household.

The Olympian — who was spotted out shopping for groceries with her dog, Bertha, this Thursday (June 29, 2017) — recently took Kendall and Kylie Jenner on a weekend getaway to Wyoming. Joined by family friends Jordyn Woods and Harry Hudson, the trio rode horses in the wilderness before snapping some Instagram-worthy photos of the mountain landscape.

“A little video action,” Caitlyn gushed in a clip. “Jordyn, Kendall, Harry, and of course, me!”

“Fun time riding horses with my girls,” she captioned the video.

While Caitlyn may be on good terms with Kendall and Kylie, Kris Jenner is reportedly “not thrilled” about her children making amends with her ex.

“It’s a very complicated situation for the girls,” a source told People of the current family situation. “Kendall and Kylie just won’t speak with Kris about it. Caitlyn is their dad, but they also don’t want Kris to be upset so they just won’t talk about it.”

As reported, Kris severed ties with her former spouse following the release of The Secrets of My Life, Caitlyn’s memoir which Kris felt gave an unfair portrayal of their marriage. Since the debut of the book, Kris and Kim Kardashian stopped talking to the I Am Cait star.

“In our family, we definitely are always so close and stick through everything. Everything is definitely going to be fine,” Kim told The View earlier this month. “We’re just taking a breather. We’ll get it together. We have siblings. It’ll work out.”