Niall Horan: Katy Perry Is “Being Mean to Me”

Niall Horan has a message for Katy Perry.

The One Direction member is begging his longtime friend “stop being mean” after the “Swish Swish” singer made some allegedly false claims about him.

When Katy appeared on Australian radio station Nova 96.9 earlier this week, she accused the “Slow Hands” crooner trying to hit on her every time they meet. “Niall’s amazing, I love him, and I think we feel very connected in a way because, I, like, have helped him get through The X Factor to join his group,” she told the Fitzy & Wippa morning show. “I see him around all the time … He’s always trying to like, get my number, to like, maybe flirt with me but I’m like, ‘I could babysit you. I’m like your mom!'”

Niall, who appeared Australian TV news show The Project Thursday (June 29, 2017), defended himself against the comment.

“Katy, please stop being mean to me! She is just finding any excuse to just patronize me and go around spreading rumors about me. I just want to be her friend,” he said, joking.

“I mean, she is talking like she is about 55 years older than me,” he added. “She is not that much older than me.”

In 2010, Katy was the guest judge on The X Factor when Niall — then 16 — auditioned as a solo singer. Though the two kept things strictly professional, out of the four judges on the panel, Cheryl Cole, went to date and have a child with Niall’s bandmate Liam Payne.