Gina Rodriguez Gets Real About Pleasuring Herself

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Gina Rodriguez
CREDIT: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Vulture Festival
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Gina Rodriguez is opening up about her love of masturbation.

In a new interview with Bust magazine, the Jane the Virgin star got candid about playing with herself. Though she’s all for exploring sexuality and self-pleasure, she admitted that always hasn’t been the case for her.

“In all honesty, I used to feel guilty for masturbating,” the 32-year-old confessed. “Oh, my God, this extreme guilt! And that lasted way too long. Or maybe I masturbated too much!”

She continued, “It’s OK to look back in retrospect and be like, it wasn’t good that I felt bad about touching myself. And it isn’t bad that I want to share my love with my boyfriend. I’m 32 years old, I’m an adult, I can do that!”

gina rodriguez
CREDIT: Bust Magazine

The actress also dished about her relationship with actor Joe LoCicero, who she’s been dating since 2016. According to Rodriguez, she fell for him months after he had appeared on an episode of her CW show.

“The second time I saw him, I didn’t recognize who he was. He came in through the door and I was like ‘Good God!’ and I fell into his eyeballs. On the fourth day [that we saw each other at the gym], he asked me out, and I have been dating him ever since,” she shared. “Now I know what it means to date your best friend.”