Kourtney Kardashian’s Secret to a Flat Tummy Leads Today’s Star Sightings

Kourtney Kardashian's Dairy-Free Diet
There's nothing cheesy about it!

Kourtney Kardashian is spilling the tea on her diet.

The 38-year-old, who was spotted dining at Craig’s in Beverly Hills Wednesday night, recently took to her app to share her secret to a flat tummy. According to the mom-of-three, having washboard abs means skipping her morning cup of joe because of her coffee allergy.

“Since I’ve stopped drinking coffee, green tea has been my go-to. I’ll usually have a hot green tea in the late morning or early afternoon—even if it’s hot outside. If it’s really, really hot, then I’ll get an unsweetened iced green tea,” she wrote. “Whenever I am trying to step up my workout regimen, I drink an extra iced green tea. I swear it makes my tummy flatter! Also, green tea can help reduce the signs of cellulite. Although green tea has caffeine, I don’t wake up in the morning feeling like I need it to wake up.”

She continued, “At night, I usually don’t have green tea unless I’m going out, in which case ‘ll have a cup with honey and a little splash of almond milk—that’s my thing at a restaurant. I also like matcha lattes made with steamed almond milk and a touch of pure maple syrup to sweeten it.”

Kardashian added she drinks green tea for its anti-aging properties. “Green tea and matcha (which is finely crushed green tea leaves) are known for being extremely good for you,” she shared. “The caffeine in green tea and matcha is delivered into your bloodstream much slower than with espresso or coffee, so it lasts longer and I don’t get jitters that come along with a coffee high.”