Donald Trump Just Made It Harder for Women and Minorities to Get Equal Pay

President Donald Trump’s latest move could affect underpaid women and minorities in the workforce.

The Commander-in-Chief and his administration are scrapping Barack Obama’s past mandate requiring companies with over 100 employees to report information on wages by gender and race to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) in order to ensure compliance with equal pay provisions. The block will arguably help businesses that are currently underpaying its workers continue to do so with any legal repercussions.

Via Revolt TV:

Trump administration officials justify their move by claiming the rule would create an undue administrative burden on employers, while also not having the intended effect of ensuring workplace wage equality. The White House claims the amount of paperwork this tracking and reporting of wages would entail would violate the Paperwork Reduction Act.

In other words, they’re saying too much paper is the reason they can’t be bothered about some people not getting enough paper.

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