“F**king Racist B*tch” Shia LaBeouf Defends His Drunken Fight with Bartender

Shia LaBeouf isn’t backing down from a fight he had with a bartender over five months ago.

Now that he’s being sued by the barkeep for calling him a “f**king racist b*tch” back in April, the actor is defending his drunken tirade and claiming he has the right to call people names.

In legal documents filed by his lawyer in response to the slander lawsuit, Shia argues his comment might be “obnoxious and vulgar, but it’s not defamatory.”

Via TMZ:

Shia, who witnesses said seemed drunk, went off on the bartender for not serving him French fries — which seemed like an act of racism to Shia. As he put it that night, “You f**ked up!!”

In his docs, Shia says the bartender’s lawsuit — which seeks $5 million — should be dismissed because he was merely expressing his opinion, and his right to free speech allows him to do so.

Watch a video of the explosive fight over at TMZ…