Chester Bennington Tried to Drown Himself Before His Death

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chester bennington
CREDIT: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Chester Bennington‘s recently-released full autopsy report revealed much darker details about the Linkin Park frontman’s battle with depression than expected.

According to the coroner’s investigator, the singer “had a history of depression, suicide ideations, and past suicide attempts,” including an incident in which he tried to drown himself nine months before his death.
Via TMZ:

Sources familiar with the investigation tell TMZ, Chester’s widow, Talinda, told the Coroner’s investigator that Chester consumed a large quantity of alcohol, hog-tied himself and threw himself in the pool in November 2016, but had a change of heart and was able to break free from the restraint and climb to safety.
We’re told Talinda’s lawyer, Ed McPherson, contacted the County lawyer for the Coroner last Friday and asked that this information be redacted. We’re told the Coroner’s lawyer at first said no, but McPherson persisted, arguing that “marital privilege” should make the information protected. The Coroner’s lawyer agreed and the passage was redacted from the autopsy report.

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