Tyga Drags His Five 5-Year-Old Son Into His Money Problems

Tyga’s financial problems are far from over.

The “Rack City” rapper is being sued — again — by a landlord for falling behind on his rent. But this time, his 5-year-old son is being dragged into the lawsuit.

Via TMZ:

Mezhgan HussainySimon Cowell’s makeup artist who he was once set on marrying, has a super cool house in Bev Hills that she rented to him for $40k a month. Tyga moved in in March 2017 and paid rent for awhile .. until he didn’t.

Hussainy claims the rent check stopped in January and he’s made no effort to catch up.

She’s suing to evict Tyga and get all of the back rent. It’s interesting … one of the defendants is Tyga’s son, King Cairo … because Tyga put the kid’s name on the lease. The child is listed as “other defendants” in the body of the lawsuit.

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