Kristen Stewart s thong hangs out

  • Kristen Stewart s thong hangs out
Kristen Stewart's thong hangs out of her pants in the new trailer for New Moon.
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  • cookiecook

    first I dont think its her thong cause if you pause the trailer her pants are higer than in this photo and if it is her thong why is it a big deal for her thong to show when she's diving on the ground when Jacobs underwear show when he's in Bella's room shirtless and he's just standing straight up.

  • Taylorswifey

    That not altered at all i went to watch the trailor myself and if you pause i at around 1:33 you can see it but you have press pause fast cause the whole movement is fast. it might not be kristen but there is a thong

  • lautnerlove13

    How about we all just look at sexy Taylor there in the back? LOL what a body.. yeah thats the only reason i watch the j.k but yeah he does have a nice body :D

  • BellaS.Cullen

    i saw it again,and i disagree i think its her shirt,and someone actually made that on youtube by using phtoshop or gimp

  • jjkeim



    LoveR you got the right ideal honey! That's the only ass am focusing on. Where's the close up!!

  • 1234567

    You guys it's not fake! go to youtube and put slow motion werewolf transformation new moon (or how ever you speel werewolf) lol. n watch that part and u can totally see it! trust me! that's the first place i saw it not here so i know it's true! look for yourself!

  • Jena

    It is her stunt double. I saw a behind the scene look on Access Hollywood while they were shooting this scene. But if it was Kristen then oh well. It's not like she is the only one who wears a thong. At least she is wearing undies unlike Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan.

  • LoveR

    How about we all just look at sexy Taylor there in the back? LOL what a body..

  • Sarah

    No, it's real. I saw it. Truly,

  • lia

    this is fake.. people have nothing else to do.. u can tell by looking at the waist line and then its been cut at the back ...

  • jennyjazz

    Nope, its not in the trailer, slow it down and see for yourself. What kind of perverted idiot does these things? They need to use that energy for something productive.

  • peko the cullen!
    peko the cullen!


  • Iris

    it's fake, you can't see it on the trailer

  • noah

    She's wearing slutty jeans. You can see her underwear. Get over it people.

  • jennyjazz

    The picture looks doctored. You can see where the back of her jeans just cut off mid hip and curve straight down to show the thong!

  • JustThatGirl

    This looks fake cause i've seen the trailor alot! fake like someone put it there.. she wears tight jeans.