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  • Bells

    Horrible actress I really am a Twilight fan, but she is a terrible actress !

  • Anna

    Ummm, how are they better than us? We don't even know them. We are pretty cool people posting here, ya know. Like Adeline said, to each his own.

  • yaright

    haha you people are just jealous because they're better than you...ha! she's an amazing actress. so just shut it! hahahaha

  • Amelia

    Pretty picture. She doesn't really look like that though. I think she looks nice with the brown hair and brown eyes! I love the rest of the cast, but Kristen doesn't seem quite right for the part. It won't keep me from seeing the films, though:) I just wish she was more like the Bella in the books. That is the curse of turning books into movies I guess. People have pictures in their heads before there is a cast to play the people and exact matches can't be made (since we built them in our own minds, to some degree). I think Alice and Edward are dead on, though! Love the books, like the movie, what a great love story!

  • Adeline Austin San Antonio Tx
    Adeline Austin San Antonio Tx

    Good job Elle S. It is good to see Kristen getting support for her work. I could not agree more! The comments are for the photo not her personal life or career. I do not get how some people want to say awful things about her when they asked for a comment on the PHOTO. The Photo is Beautiful but to each his own. Adeline Austin

  • Meyer_Support13

    Kristen looks amazing! but she always does! i don't think we could EVER get a better Bella Swan! i'm a huge fan of her work and i have been following her career for awhile. i loved her in SPEAK! she is amazing! always got you back Kristen!!! Smile!! Elle S.

  • Adeline Austin San Antonio TX
    Adeline Austin San Antonio TX

    Kristen is a beautiful and talented actress and is the PERFECT BELLA . I have seen her other films and she is outstanding in the industry if not one of the best at any age. This picture is georgous. .

  • TwiFan

    Why do people waist there time making negative comments on Kristen's picture or her protrayal of Bella. If you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all. Kristen played Bella perfectly and the photo of her is very pretty. If you dont like Kristen Stewart playing Bella, dont go see NEW MOON, ECLISPE or BREAKING DAWN for that matter. I cant wait to see NEW MOON and the rest of the movies.

  • Mia

    All of you who are fighting need to get a life. You don't know these people, you don't know their motivation or have ANY idea what they are like. You are not friends with them. I don't hate them, nor am a "crazed fangirl" as you put it. I am not the only person who doesn't like the casting of Bella. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt her feelings to hear that I didn't like her portrayal. It is a personal decision. She is not like the Bella in the book and I like the Bella in the book. Apparently, Courtney, you are allowed to dislike the entire cast except for her, but I'm not allowed to dislike Kristen as Bella. That doesn't seem fair. You need to work on your people skills and your debate skills, as you have neither. We each can have our own views, some of which are based only on the entertainment factor of a film. Kristen Stewart did not entertain me, she annoyed me. She may be excellent in other films, but I didn't like her in this one. End of story. Have a nice day.

  • sonia

    She's a beautiful girl. A little awkward in interviews, but a talented and beautiful girl nonetheless. Fangirls just seem to envy her because of the position she is in. It wouldn't matter who is playing Bella, they'd hate on her.

  • courtney

    stop making a sinner a saint? Wth are you talking about? lol And you can think she's a bad actress, but when Sean Penn personally asks you to be in his picture and Deniro praises your acting skills, obviously THEIR opinion holds more weight than yours. And the rest of the cast is amazing? Please the whole cullen family is are all third string players, they come off like CW rejects

  • Mia

    Yikes people! We don't even know her! We have no idea what she is like in person! I am allowed to think she is a bad actress. You are allowed to love her. I don't hate her, that is a personal emotion and I don't know her personally. The part of Bella is not hard, she is a blank slate for the reader (or movie-goer) to go into her shoes. That is why there is no detailed description of her in the books. I don't like her as Bella...get over it.

  • Mia

    Like smoke pot, drink underage, give horrible interviews and not shower? I'm not saying she is the worst actress out there, she just isn't that great. The rest of the cast is amazing and makes her look weak by contast. She does not portray Bella correctly at all, she comes off very cold and annoying. I hate how she always makes those little hufffing noises (listen for them, she does it all the time in Twilight). I'm not saying she is evil or the worst actress on the planet. I'm just saying stop making a sinner a saint. I'm allowed to my opinion, as you are yours. The Photoshopped picture of her is pretty, though.

  • jkhasdlkfjh

    shes very pretty

  • colm

    Prettiest girl in Hollywood, no matter how hard she tries not to be.

  • tyty

    you idiots, her dad is like a stage manager, not exactly a guy high up in the biz! She's talented, that's why she gets the jobs she does, working alongside DeNiro and William Hurt and Jodi Foster, or handpicked by Barry Levinson and Sean Penn. And she's gorgeous on top of it. Jealous fangirls.

  • kyle

    Kristen is so hot. she's got a great as s

  • elisssa

    what is these?? are you jealous? she's very talented actress so she could play a role like bella's that was really hard but she did best....we all know it Yeah I think is that..

  • XX

    stunning X

  • Agulek

    She always has her mouth open... I totally agree!!!

  • Amy

    And as to her father being in the business - here is a list of people who have family in the business. Clearly, they must have no talent. Tatum O'Neal Drew Barrymore Natasha and Joelie Richardson Michael Douglas Josh Brolin Charlie Sheen Emilio Estevez And the list goes on. Don't judge someone by how they get to a place - but what they DO once they are there.

  • Susan

    Before you judge, see her in Speak. I was blown away. A beautiful and powerful performance. On par with the best of performances in Hollywood over the past 20 years. Haunting and almost overwhelming. See the film.

  • loveydoveym

    what is these?? are you jealous? she's very talented actress so she could play a role like bella's that was really hard but she did best....we all know it

  • cc

    Kristen looks so gorgeous. Her expression looks how Bella is described in the book.

  • Mia

    Her dad is in the biz, so that is how she got into it. The doors didn't open for her, they opened for her dad. Also, as far as her 12 year career, have you seen the movies she has been in? Zathura? Nice job:) There are worse actresses out there, but she never should have been given the part of Bella.

  • A

    Terrible actress and ugly in real life. If only her face can be photoshopped for ever

  • CloseIt

    She always has her mouth open...

  • another thought
    another thought

    Beautiful - and a very talented actress. If not, she wouldn't still have a career after 12 years.

  • MIa

    Horrible actress

  • lizawonderworld