Aaron Carter Reportedly Checks In to Rehab

Aaron Carter Reportedly Checks In to Rehab-photo
Singer and former Dancing with the Stars contestant Aaron Carter has checked himself into rehab.

E! Online reports the 23-year-old younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is seeking help with "addiction issues." A source tells E! the singer is at a facility in Southern California and made the decision on his own, adding it was not "court mandated," saying "He was struggling recently and needed this."

The "Crush on You" singer, who has been romantically linked to Hilary Duff, Amanda Bynes, former Playboy Playmate Kari Ann Paniche and Lindsay Lohan, starred in the reality show House of Carters in 2006 alongside his brother and other family members. He also did a stint on Celebrity Rehab 2.

He reportedly suffered an overdose last December, but manager Johnny Wright shot down those rumors, telling E!, "Aaron Carter is alive and well at my compound in Orlando."



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  • Ashley

    To: Hilary Duff, Amanda Bynes, and Lindsay Lohan: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I guess even famous Hollywood actresses have had a man in they're lives that they're now ashamed to admit they ever banged. I feel better about my own regrets, none of which are as bad or as embarrassing as AARON CARTER! HAHAHAHA


    I'm sure all except for the Playboy Playmate are cringing with embarrassment that they ever dated this loser!! We all know those Playboy models have no standards or morals. They each take turns riding an 84yo carcass for one minute just to live in the Mansion and to be given a $1,000 a week allowance like if they were children. Hugh Hefner and his pedo-fantasies are just as sick as the women he pays to keep his sad sharade of a life going. The saddest part is that anyone can make 52k a year!!! Nurses, Ultrasound techs, Administrative/Executive Assistants, College professors, Pharmacy Techs, etc. Why torture yourself by riding a barely alive carcass? That's like self mutilation!


    OMG he's 23??????? He looks so much older - atleast 10 years older! God, I'm in my late 20s and I even look younger than him. I guess drugs really do F you up.

  • Tiffany

    nobody cares about him speak for urself, there lots of people that do care about him, its just that he hasnt been in the spotlight for a long time, people forget about him

  • jellybeans

    who's that?

  • mimi

    nobody cares about him

  • jaylynn

    eww, flesh colored beard. 'nuff said

  • 99

    Somewhere between Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber, *NSYNC and the Jonas Brothers, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus, there was Aaron Carter. Aaron Carter used to be the hearthrob for young girls. But he's a C-lister, the madness lasted for only 5 years. He even got arrested for drug posession.

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