According to an inside source at

According to an inside source at Star Magazine, 46 year old Matthew Broderick is cheating on his wife of 11 years, Sarah Jessica Parker — with a woman 21 years younger than him!

With rumors of their tumultuous relationship swirling around for years, this is the first solid tale of infidelity. Allegedly, Broderick and the 25 year old youth counselor first met at a bar in NYC, where they exchanged numbers after a long night of drinking. The two began having late night rendezvous at her apartment complex, while Parker was busy filming the Sex and the City movie in Los Angeles.

However, the young girl decided to break it off with “Matty Cakes” (as she calls him) after he continued to lie to her about ending things with his wife. One of the final straws came after she saw tabloid pictures of him, his wife, and their son together after he had told her he was vacationing alone in Ireland for Christmas.

While the girl refuses to step forward with any more details of the affair, it has yet to be seen what will happen to Parker and Broderick’s future together.