Adam Lambert Album Preview

Adam Lambert Album Preview-photo

Hope your ears are ready, people, because they are about to be amazed!

Thirty-second snippets of every song from Adam Lambert's debut album, For Your Entertainment, have been released, and from the sounds of it the record's totally going to  live up to the hype.

Give 'em a listen and share your thoughts: Which track are you feeling the most?



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  • JLM

    This CD is going to be EPIC!! I am so excited I pre-ordered it. It is way beyond what I ever imagined!!! Adam is truly a major artist!!! All the buz that has surrounded him proves to be totally valid - the guy is putting out an entire album of fantastic songs!! AI is total history for Adam Lambert - he just arrive on planet earth as a Mega Star!! Way to go Adam!!

  • reed

    totally f*cking amazing.