Adriana Lima Forks Around

Adriana Lima Forks Around-photo

Brazilian supermodel and alleged virgin Adriana Lima is putting her sexual urges on hold until marriage (or so she says), but her other appetites are taken care of, as demonstrated by these rare photos of a model actually eating.

Lima—whose litany of frustrated dates includes New York Yankee Derek Jeter and retro-rocker Lenny Kravitz—was caught chowing down with a buddy at Bar Pitti in New York's West Village.

Rather than immediately spitting out her food and hiding her face with a napkin, Lima playfully gestured toward the photographers throughout the meal.

What an unusual creature: A supermodel who's not neurotic about her eating habits, and who's remained chaste despite relationships with two of the biggest Lotharios in history.

She should be brought into a lab for testing. There should probably be a set of platinum nipple clamps involved, because...well, just because. Who are you to question the scientific process?



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  • Shade

    supermodels are human being like us. they sleep, laugh,cry, are lonely,cough,the list of what they do is endless. Adriane should nt b an exception. She can eat if she want and also hang out with close friends. does not mean she forks or spoon around.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I would feed her. I would feed her well.

  • missamericandream

    She always looks so put together and pretty. I'm so jealous of her. *sigh*

  • katie999

    i love that she actually eats real food! she's gorgeous!

  • rockinout

    Who's the random dude with the camera?

  • nnfh100204

    i love the line she's "caught" eating. like its a sin to eat....hahaha

  • bawwow

    I actually believe her. What a great role model for young girls out there. One of only a handful, sadly

  • ballier88

    shes SO not a virgin