Alanis Morissette Shows Her Bikini Baby Bump (PHOTOS)

Alanis Morissette appears to be taking one last vacation before becoming a mom.

The Canadian songstress strutted around poolside at a Mexico resort in a white bikini, sporting a baby bump for the ages. The "You Oughta Know" crooner announced via Twitter in August that she was expecting, but no due date is known. We're not doctors, but soon seems like a safe estimate.

Click to see Alanis' bikini baby bump pics!



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  • happyplace

    Hmmm, wonder what will happen to those tats after pregnancy? Glad she is out in a bikini though ... you go girl!!

  • henry

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  • Aleah

    That is not a bump. That is a watermelon!

  • monica

    she's preagnat you FOOL..Its beautiful baby know, like a tootsie roll, the more you eat the more you roll with it. Get real. Woman are not called fat when they gain weight. It's called falumptuiously DEEELisious!!!! Get a box of choclates will

  • noah

    She should really have some more clothes on here.