American Music Awards Nominees Announced

American Music Awards Nominees Announced-photo

ABC has announced the nominees for this year's American Music Awards, and Bond-theme girl Alicia Keys has garnered the most nominations.

The "No One" singer is nominated for Artist of the Year, Favorite Female Artist—Pop/Rock and Soul/R&B and Favorite Album—Pop/Rock and Soul/R&B.

Coldplay did almost as well as Keys, with nominations for Artist of the Year, Favorite Band, Duo, or Group, and Favorite Album.

Other multiple nominees include Chris Brown for Favorite Male Artist—Pop/Rock and Soul/R&B, Rihanna for Favorite Female Artist—Pop/Rock and Soul/R&B, Daughtry for Favorite Band, Duo, or Group and Favorite Artist—Adult Contemporary, and The Eagles for Artist of the Year, Favorite Band, Duo or Group, and Favorite Artist—Adult Contemporary.

The show will be broadcast on ABC on Nov. 23 with performances by Pink, the Jonas Brothers, Ne-Yo, the Pussycat Dolls and Taylor Swift...unless there's a moratorium declared on awards shows and celebrations in lieu of Madonna's divorce.



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  • l.troche

    Dear Kendra, Please, please, please come to Norfolk,VA or somewhere remotely close!!!! I'm dying to have my book signed and picture taken! Lol Sincerely, An Avid fan and military wife.

  • Nelly

    Can way to get it I loved the first one can way for ur show to start either. Why arent u coming to boston?

  • Diane Del Grande
    Diane Del Grande

    We love Kendra, please come to Marin County,Ca . book Passage in Corte Madera or San Francisco in Westfield Mall. Kendra has so many fans in this part of the country, we would be so sad if we don't get to see her!, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

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    Please come to San francisco

  • jennifer

    R u coming to Houston ay all I live about 30 mins to an HR from houston

  • Mila sharp
    Mila sharp

    Kendra will you PLEASE try to stop by Denver!!!

  • Angela

    I can not wait to see your show when it is on this Sunday! I am so excited and love you so much. We are so much alike. I missed you over the summer. I can't wait for your new book. I am so there. Love you lots tell big Hank hi and give little Hank a kids and hug from me. You are the best mom and person and don't you forget it!!!!

  • heather wynn
    heather wynn

    Can you please come to Kansas city, mo?? I would be so excited. Can't wait to read the book

  • Katie

    when are you coming to Florida, I don't see it on your list :((((

  • Amber

    I so wish u were coming to camp hill pa I would so be there

  • Denna Rice
    Denna Rice

    Pleeeeease come to KANSAS!! im serious!

  • Alicia

    Sad there aren't any stops in Dallas on your book tour. :-( Texans love Kendra!!!

  • Peggy Hicks
    Peggy Hicks

    cant wait til u come to Indy.... so excited to meet u.. ur amazing!

  • Lori Mastrocinque
    Lori Mastrocinque

    So excited about book and show. Wish u were signing in nyc. Xoxo

  • Suzy mendes
    Suzy mendes

    Ola..sou super fa da kendra !! sou brasileira e nao perco um episodio de "the girls of playboy mansion" e de "Kendra".... te adoroo kendra beijao

  • tanya

    Hi i can wait to read ur book any chance it be sold in UK x

  • Alana

    Good for u lady. Too bad I live on Maui. I can never come to ur sighnings or events. :(. Come to Hawaii, Maui please :). Thanks love. Take care

  • iris

    awwh man ur not coming to Dallas :(

  • Mummyof2

    Yay!can't wait to read it,couldn't put the 1st book Down!I'm in Australia so prob hav to wait abit Longer :( love u Kendra xx

  • edirin chavwuko
    edirin chavwuko

    u'r so much fun to watch,so delited dat ur new season wil be starting soon.go kendra

  • amanda barlow
    amanda barlow

    Wish you could come to neq zealand, its great here xo

  • Dianne Lantz
    Dianne Lantz

    I love you Kendra you are my True Inspiration ! ......I cannot wait to met you At Barnes And Noble in Philadelphia " Excited " Omg !!!

  • Dianne lantz
    Dianne lantz

    I love Kendra you are a true Inspiration to me ! I cannot wait to buy your Second Book and met you at Barnes and Noble in Philadelphia for you to Sign it " Excited "

  • ann

    I no it will be as good as the first. I wish u wood come to FL.

  • debbie

    Can't wait for both your show and your book. When r u coming to Phoenix AZ?

  • Michelle

    I just pre ordered your new book I can't wait to start reading it on September 20th. Go Chargers!!

  • Kristine

    Already reserved the book, I'm super stoked to read about the trials and tribulations of being a mom since I have a 15 month old.

  • Charlie-Girl

    Kendra you should come to Texas!!!

  • mari

    Why not south africa kendra?? ;-(

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    Hey Sexy Lady Hey from out of South Africa good luck you are going to be were buzz 2de book is going 2 be best ever we love you all ...

  • Amanda

    I wish you would come to colorado

  • Selena Madrigal
    Selena Madrigal

    Love you Kendra..can't wait for your New Season!!! Your baby is beautiful! You and Henk are perfect for each other...

  • Marissa

    Come back to miami! I met you when you came to miami for your last book

  • Cara

    So excited that you have another book coming out. I really look up to you. After all you gave gone and been through and to still come out in the other side. Wish I was more like you and less like myself and wish you had a book signing in Missouri!

  • maria

    Wish you where coming to Dallas, Tx :(

  • JeTaime

    I read your last book in less than 24hours! Can't wait to get my hands on this one! To bad your not coming to Milwaukee, Wi. :( best of luck to you in everything you do!!

  • sunshine zulauf
    sunshine zulauf

    Kendra I have been your fan since you was at the play boy house watch ya'lls girls next door have that book:):) then you got married,had a baby an your are one lucky woman:):) wish the best for you an your family can't wait for you new book an you new show. Wish I could meet you,don't think that will ever happen. But its a wish,best wishes to you an ya

  • juicy jen
    juicy jen

    Come to detroit bitch. Let's party

  • JD

    YAY!!! I loved "Sliding In To Home" so much because it sounded like you. I could hear you reading it to me. I can't wait. I am such a big fan & would probably start crying if I ever got to meet you but it's just not in the cards...this book. Maybe for your 3rd?

  • kristina

    Kendra could you please come to Lawrence,ks for your book signing? I notice Kansas is not on your list. Your book is great can't wait for the next book!

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    Yo kendra, i'm damn proud of u..congrats. You being young, being a mom and being my birthday mate is da bomb.

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    What happen to st Petersburg Florida. Maybe next time around u can stop by ....I'm sure it is going to be a great book can not wait!!!

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    Kendra, I am excited to order ur book! I wish Albuquerque was a stop in ur book tour!!

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    Very excited to read your next book!

  • Hayley Lawrence
    Hayley Lawrence

    Can't wait for the second book, I am from the UK so I ordered your first book from absolutely loved the first one didn't put it down. So excited to read the second one, you can gaurantee my order will be in on day of release x

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    I hope u'll make a stop in Toronto, Canada

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    Oh mannn!!! Sure wish you were stopping in Omaha...maybe you could september 24th on your way from la to msp!!!

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    Mrs. Chardonnay

    Can't wait till u hit Daygo! Markin Oct 1st in my calendar ASAP!

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    Definetly, looking forward to your second book! Couldn't stop reading the first one, loved it cause you so real. Send you much love & respect! God bless you & the family!

  • Carla FAbian
    Carla FAbian

    Can't wait to read the new book!!! Blessings to you and your family:-)

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    victoria kluba

    I wish you would come to St.Louis, would love to meet you!

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    hope u can make a stop here in Clovis NM for a book signing:)

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    When areyou coming to Australia???? Loved the first book, so excited for the second!!

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    Will you be coming to Dallas?

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    Just want to say that I think you are an inspiration to young women everywhere. I can't wait to read your new book.

  • joy jiggarap
    joy jiggarap

    love you KENDRA HANK AND BABY HANK!! I got your first book and cant wait for the second. but y arent you doing any book signing in san fransisco or any city in northern california. its one of my dreams to see you in person.

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    Hola Kendra te adoro!!!!! Desde argentina besos!!!

  • Megan C.
    Megan C.

    Cannot wait to finally meet Kendra in NJ! loveeeeeeee her soo much!! :)

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    Baton Rouge, LA isn't on your schedule! :(

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