Amy Winehouse: The Picture of Health and Beauty!

Amy Winehouse: The Picture of Health and Beauty!-photo

There's been a lot of scuttlebutt lately about Amy Winehouse's supposed downward spiral.

But as these photos of Wine-O at a recent DJ stint at London's Monarch Club prove, the beehived dynamo is at the top of her game.

Yes, she might have demanded 48 bottles of Jack Daniels at a gig recently, but you know what? Only someone in tip-top health could withstand that kind of alcohol consumption.

And, yes, it was reported last month that Winehouse is due to go into rehab yet again, but think about it; her biggest hit so far was about treatment facilities. She's probably working on another song. It's called research, people!

Shame on anyone who would deny Amy Winehouse's fortitude with scurrilous rumors—they only wish they could keep it together as seemingly effortlessly as Winehouse does.

Of course, it probably helps that Wine-O has surrounded herself with supportive, wholesome influences lately.

Kudos to you, Amy Winehouse; you'll outlive us all!



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  • Li

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  • starjonesing

    I hope she pulls it together but this photo is the scariest one yet.

  • buzzgent

    I've seen homeless people in dumpsters who look cleaner than this broad.