Amy Winehouse on Suicide Watch

Amy Winehouse on Suicide Watch-photo

MTV reports that sad wreck Amy Winehouse currently has her friends and family on suicide watch.

Winehouse apparently held a knife to her chest recently and questioned the purpose of living.

Word is she has an obsession with dying young and is distraught over husband Blake Civil-Fielder's refusal to take early probation. (Civil turned his nose up at an early parole because he would have to live with his mother, and go into rehab.)

"Her friends managed to get the knife away from her but are now holding a 24-hour suicide watch," notes MTV. "Amy has a death wish. Her emotions are exaggerated. She is either high all the time or when she hears something she doesn't like, she's suicidal."

Blake will be out of the pokey in December, so perhaps he and Amy can take the Church of Scientology's offer of drug rehab together.

Though Xenu himself might find this one beyond his intergalactic powers.



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  • Anks

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  • eyerolls

    She's been on suicide watch for awhile, actually.

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    Amy, look out for that trained drug enforcement dog!!! Oh, man.... Amy's arm just got buried.

  • nikkiphoto

    i need those winehouse not so secret diet tips...

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    she's f*cking junkie hawt!!!

  • Kola

    Amy looks horrible she needs 2 get it 2gether

  • Kola

    Amy loks a HOT mess omg thts horrible

  • crystal

    girl u need to pull ur self together u are a wreck!!!!!