Angelina Jolie, Psychic Homewrecker

Angelina Jolie, Psychic Homewrecker-photo

Gotta give Angelina Jolie credit for honesty—even if it's long-delayed honesty.

Us Weekly reveals that the adoption junkie and weapons aficionado fell in love with baby-making partner Brad Pitt while they were filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith—a period during which Pitt was still married to his ex, Jennifer Aniston.


Discussing her children's desire to see the film, Jolie noted, "Not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love."

Oooh, way to lay down the sideways snap on Aniston! Good thing for you that her hands are currently too full to claw your eyes out, Angie!

Jolie also says that she worries about her son Maddox stumbling across racy photos of his mom on the Internet.

"[Maddox will] look up my name and see some kind of sexy pictures," Jolie says.

Well, there's a simple way to take care of that—stop having sexy pictures of yourself taken!

On second thought, don't.



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  • pooteetoot

    Apparently the marriage was already in trouble or Angelina couldn't have so easily pushed it over the edge. People keep wanting to ignore the fact that Angie and Brad was still filming the Smith movie long after Brad and Jen broke up. Jen has said (out of her own mouth, I saw it on TV talk show) that she is immature for her age, she didn't want kids yet and finally her and Brad had a very complicated relationship. Now does that sound like a really good marriage? If Brad wasn't already dissatisfied with his marriage to Jen, I don't really believe Angie could have gotten him so quickly or easily. If you truly honestly have a deep love for someone, you will let them go to find a deep abiding love, rather it's with you or someone else. That is called unselfish love.

  • Anaksunamun

    No matter how much good she does, she still is a homewrecker that ruined a marriage. I have no respect for anyone that does that.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Trollop! Hussy!