Ashley Greene to Co-Star With 'Twilight' Hater Miley Cyrus in 'LOL'

Ashley Greene to Co-Star With 'Twilight' Hater Miley Cyrus in 'LOL'-photo

Well, this should make for some interesting—read: intensely awkward—conversations on the set.

Twilight beauty Ashley Greene is poised to sign on for a co-starring role in Miley Cyrus' upcoming comedy LOL, a remake of the 2008 French comedy of the same name. Greene, 23, will reportedly play a "high school bad girl" in the film, which casts Cyrus as a lovelorn teen who's dumped by her more sexually experienced boyfriend while her mother (Demi Moore) struggles to reassemble the pieces of her life following her divorce.

Of course, her potential new co-star Cyrus has made no bones about Greene's career-making Twilight Saga movies, at one point going so far as to categorize them as "a cult." We can only imagine (or is that hope?) that the topic should come up at some point during the production of LOL. Maybe the tension will make things more interesting onscreen?

Do you think Cyrus and Greene will have good chemistry? Share your predictions in the comments section.



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  • StrawberryCream

    Gosh! I adore demi moore's acting skills but miley cyrus is just a backstabbing fameobsessed bitch who pretends not to be naughty but she is(also annoying!) ashley greene(kets just talk about her movies not her character) is a good actress but miley cyrus-hello!? shes totally going to make this a disney-11-year-old-chilren movie :>( maan i hate her!

  • famewhore

    I used to like Ashley Greene but now i feel like she's becoming a diva. She's very selfimportant and acts like she's the star of the Twiligjht saga. It's kinda sad cuz she seemed really nice and humble in the beginning but now she's become a major famewhore.

  • Josh

    Is it too much to ask that people *stop* remaking foreign films and just slap up some subtitles? The English speaking world isn't stupid, we can read and it's ridiculous to force-feed us the sh*t versions of great films like Ju-on and Let The Right One In - just because someone doesn't want to read words on a screen.

  • Milly

    they will be fine,miley hates vampire that doesnt mean that she hates the cast,geez! Ya she sed that she loves Kristen Stewart but she just dont like vampires. She never sed that she hate Rob,Tay,Kristen never she like I sad loves Kristen Stewart ;]

  • ShaSha

    Sad,another movie made by Slutty-Cyrus!! I mean gosh do they really think she's a good actress?Even heard of Amanda from ''Dear John" (forgot her last name) i mean COME ON if the damn movie is called LOL shouldn't the actors be good?? Gosh darn it sooo gonna be like "The Last Song" a good Book ruined by the film industry....

  • lol

    they will be fine,miley hates vampire that doesnt mean that she hates the cast,geez!

  • Ash

    A perfectly good movie that is now going to be ruined. Je suis vraiment déprimée.