Audrina Patridge to Re-Expose the Ladies

Audrina Patridge to Re-Expose the Ladies-photo

After she distinguished herself as "the brunette from The Hills who did those pics to get into Playboy," Audrina Patridge is preparing to expose her lovely lady lumps once again.

For her role in Into the Blue 2, Star reports:  "The script calls for a moment where Audrina takes off her bathing-suit top for two seconds."

However, the paparazzi-friendly reality star is reportedly hesitant because, according to Star's source, "she wants to be seen as a serious actress."

Maybe she should just act like she's still wearing a top, and everbody will be happy.


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  • hispanicatthedisco

    Hopefully they'll CGI everything but her breasts out of the movie.

  • noah

    We've all seen her naked anyways! true. but i'll take seconds.

  • buzzbuddy

    We've all seen her naked anyways!


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