Hey my name is Ariana, but call me Ari. I love to know what celebs are doing, I mean they are our role models and the people we look up to. I think they are amazing poeple and their talents blow me away. I am a huge fan of Justin Bieber, but I am sure you knew that just by seein that I am a He is just so sweet and i truly believe he cares about his fans. He deserves his career for sure. I love rihanna shes fashionable nice and very real, and you dont find many that are famous and still are humble. I love celebuzz you waant to know why because they keep updated right when news comes out and never fails to keep me satisfied wit all the celebuzz i want to know. thank you celebuzz you rock. Oh and I am a huge skateboard fan! I have been a fan of Ryan Sheckler since I was like 12 and I still am to this day. If I met him I honestly think i would fain. He is like the most down to earth guy just trying to make it through life and what i like about him is that he is not afraid to show his flaws to the world and his struggles about growing up and to me that is one real person right there. I love you ryan! oh and I am in love with you justin :D!

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