*Hi! *I'm Hannah. *I'm 16 Years Old. *I Live In England. *I am Afraid Of The Number After 12 And Before 14. *My Style Icon Is Frank Iero. *Ich Spreche Deutsch! *On buzzet I am known as 'thehopelessone' *Bands I've Seen Live: - My Chemical Romance (X2) - Mindless Self Indulgence (X2) - Thursday - Panic At The Disco - Black Gold - Metro Station - Templeton Park - Paramore - Plain White Ts - Alkaline Trio - Finch - Set Your Goals - Cobra Starship - Chiodos - The Audition - All Time Low - My American Heart - Mayday Parade (Met Them :D) - Meg & Dia - Broadway Calls - Cute Is What We Aim For - Boys Like Girls - Kids In Glass Houses - youmeatsix - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Valencia - We The Kings - Me Vs. The Hero - The Outline (Met Them) - Twin Atlantic (Met The Lead Singer) - Say Anything *LIKES: The Colour Black, Winter, Geoff Rickley, America, My Ipod, Spending Time With Friends,Sushi, Gigs, Shopping, Travelling, Sociology, Time To Myself, Reading, Kerrang! Magazine, Snakes, Converse, The Stupid Things MCR Do That Make Me Laugh, Songs That Make Me Think, Budweiser, Finding A New Website To Download Music, Cooking, Zombies, Writing Song Lyrics On My Belongings, Doodling, Making People Laugh, Cats, Hot Topic, Vampires, Coffee With Milk, Going To The Cinema, Youtube, Graphic Novels, Vans (Off The Wall!), Starbucks, Chinese Food, New York City, Band Posters, Frank Iero, Daydreaming, Things That Make Me Laugh, Black Makeup, Screamo, Brightly Coloured Skinny-Fit Jeans, Lists *DISLIKES: Fake People, Rumours, Wearing Glasses, Makeup Remover That Doesn't Work, Headaches, Getting A Sun Tan, People Putting No Effort Into Anything, Pathetic People, Boredom, Greek Food, Snobs, Summer, The Fact That I Can't Play Guitar No Matter How Hard I Try, Oli Sykes, Being Impatient, Two Faced People, Having Over 900 Channels On TV And There Never Being Anything On Worth Watching, Christianity, Being Ill, Being Unable To Download A Song I Really LIke, Waking Up Tired, Coursework/Homework, Chavs, Pop Music, Gossip, The Term 'Emo', Loneliness, R&B Music, Playing My Music Quietly