I am Ebru Dicle and I am Turkish.I am a Physics Engineer and I am living in Ankara/TURKEY.I am interested in Astrology and Astronomy.I believe Reincarnation and also the Philosophy of Kabbalah.I like to swim and I like to play tennis(During my school days,I played basketball).I know a little English..I like Versace,Gucci and Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel.(for Sport Labels;Lacoste,Dunlop,Converse,...) I always use Christian Dior -perfumes(especially;Dior Addict-eau fraiche )and products. My favorite Label is Ray-Ban.(for Sunglasses).I play a little guitar.I like Classic Music(especially ,I like Chopin and Mozart) and Pop Music and Jazz Music. The Singers ,which I like best are:Julio Iglesias,Enrico Macias,Nat King Cole,Dean Martin,Frank Sinatra,Tom Jones,Elvis Presley,Elton John, Mireille Mathieu,Beatles,Ricky Martin. I always listen Radyo ILEF-in Ankara/TURKEY(which is ;the Radio of Ankara University;FM-Band-91.0-Channel).I have a stamp Collection. I like Range Rover and I like miniature objects,very much. I play the Horse Races from Turkey.(for example;in Dubai,in Lıngfıeld Park, in Wolverhampton ,..) .It is just my hobby. I like to play the Slot Games(Jackpot),very much.In the past,I played the Slot Games,in the Hotels-Casinos,with my friends. Sometimes,I play these games,in the Internet,in the On-Line Casinos. Besides this,I like Kuşadası-Turkey,very much.I spend my vacation every summer,in Kuşadası-Turkey.