RAWR im Kristen GET USED TO IT CAUSE ELSIE IS MY BESTIE! AND I LOVE HER HAIR! SHE IS SO PRETTIFUL! SUCK ON THAT BITCHES! XXOO.. I am in love with Twilight! OMFG I can't get enough of it..its maddo lol...I also am in love with Robert Pattinson so hot! Ummm I love to go shopping and spend money. I look up to kiki kannibal because I heart her fashion and hair haha. I love my friends Nikki, Kelsey, Elsie, Jade, Tia, Flick, Lizzie, Anna, Bronte, Tash, Louise. I really don't like the Jonas Brother so yea. Um..my favourite TV show is sesame street jokes im not that gay, no my favourite TV show is 90210. I hate posers and mean people lol. I am addicted to texting and I love to take pictures. My favourite band is the Metrcs i dunno i just love them for some reason. I dont know what else to say but ROBERT PATTINSON IS HOT!