I had surgery three years ago on both my feet because I was having pain, and I came out of surgery with nerve damage, OMG the pain was so unreal, so I went to see another surgeon and he said Janice I think you have nerve damage from your knees to your feet and you need to have a tripple nerve release and a revision of tarsal tunnel, so 10 months after the first surgery I went in, I was cut at my knee, on top of my foot and inside my ankle again and 10 weeks later the other leg was done, now i was completly screwed I felt lie the guy in that movie mysery lying on the bed with the woman beating his legs with a bat, that was me!! so I went into Boston, mass went to five different hospitals saw the Director of Neurology at one of them and no one could help me, you know the term causalgia or RSD AND CRPS I was put in that catagory so they did a nerve stimulator which wires are planted on your spine well that made my pain worse when the machine went off, then I had three nerve blocks and during this whole time I am on heavy narcotics, well none of that worked, but it does work for people with RSD/CRPS most people get this from an injury or if they are diabetic and have neuropathy and it;s usually the lower extremety one side, well the nerve pain travels over to the other extremity at times, well I have both extremitys damaged so mine is traveling up and all over what is difficult for me is not being able to get any care besides drugs, the surgeon who did my 2nd and 3rd surgery faxed my medical records to the Dellon Institute in Baltimore MD to the Doctor who is also the Professor of Georgetoen University who trained both the Doctors who did my surgery, well he read my records and said there was nothing he could do for me, OMG here I go again are you kidding, this is a top notch Doctor who trains people in Neuro and he can not help me?? shit I was stuck where do I go now, my Insurance only covers Mass, I have to wait two years to get medicaid which I will get this Auguest, I have done so many blogs, but I don't think people where understanding where I was coming from, if she has RSD/CRPS wht can't she get help? well it is much more then that I have complete nerve damage from surgery, the 2nd surgeon who cut me open did not even do an xray on my knees! well I did after all this surgery and I have arthritis and wear and tear, I never needed to be cut by my knees, now these Doctors have made a huge error on me, and now I can not get one that can help me, I know there has to be a Docotr out there that can help, I will not give up, I have done blogs asking for help or for people to read my page and pass it along and maybe in it's travels it will land in my hero's lap, so please if you read this, pass my website along, i a only asking for that just a little help, somebody out there will know someone who can help and the only way for me to try is thru all of you, I appreciate any help I can get with this, my nerve damage is affecting other paerts of my body, I waer my hair in a ponytail and when I take it out I can not even touch my head it hurts so much, my eyes are getting very sensitive to light, things are happening that are scary, I need to find healthcare for this condition, I was not blessed with RSD I wish I was because I could be treated,all i can do is ask for help. '20tfoSi=te = 'vid_sundance09'; tfoHeight = '718'; tfoWidth 0' div style="width: 240px;">
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