hi! im Kerry and i live in Ireland! i have the best friends ever!! i love watching tv! my fave shows are 90210, Ugly Betty, Heroes, DOCTOR WHO, Torchwood, Smallville and loads more!!lol. i love reading and at the minute and im sure for the rest of my life, my favourite book is New Moon!! i LOVE the Twilight Saga and New Moon is just my favourite book of all time!!ive never cried so much over a BOOK!! my emotions in that book were hay wire!! ive never experienced so much versatility in my emotions while reading a book!! the loss of Edward has to be the most effective thing in a book ive ever encountered and so thats why i love it so much, it effected me the most!!!!lol. my favourite film is Twilight, due to 4 reasons: 1)ever since i was 7, i was interested by vampires, zombies, ghosts, werewolves and my fave shows were Buffy, Angel, Big Wolf on Campus and now they are Ghost Whisperer and Moonlight and Supernatural!! 2) my fave genre of films are Horror and any girl likes a romantic film. so mixing my favourite mystical creature with romance, means the film was made for me! i guess u could say Twilight sings to me like Bellas blood sings to Edward!!lol. im sad!! 3) Kristen is my favourite actress and has been for a couple of years now!! 4) Robert Pattinson portrayed the perfect Edward and is totally gorgeous and hes SO charming!!lol so thats why!! i cant wait for New Moon the film to come out, cuz it will be SO good!!its the best storyline for a movie EVER!! as you can see im a Twihard fan!!!! lol!! i LOVE animals and hope to become a vet or a zoologist!! i have a dog named Charlie and hes the cutest!! i have 4 cats called Nemo, Lucky, Sparky and Bomber!! Nemo just had kittens, but we dont know where cuz she had them away from the house!they all live outdoors just fyi!! Charlie lives indoors tho cuz hes a mini yorkshire terrier and so he doesnt shed his hair and is small!! my dream would be that i would become an actress! like so many others!!! but i have two career paths, something with animals or to study drama in Uni!! i dunno!! but id love to have the effect on people than famous people have on me!!like i aspire to be like Kristen Stewert! she is so down to earth and Hollywood hasnt changed her! she speaks her mind and she has SO many fans that love her work!! id love for people to think of me in the same way!!lol. i have brown hair with a tint of ginger in it. i have green eyes, im average height, im 16 and im boyfriendless!!lol.i wonder why??lol