hey waz good my name iz norma im 14 i like 2 make songz with my cuzzo ishmael he iz so fun 2 be with.... i luv him my mom name is nutzy i love her alot and i also luv my dad even if i dont see him alot i still love him i miss my dad alot i love u papi i have a sisster name juanie shes 1o i luv her sometime she get me mad but wat do u kno were sisster i love her i also have a brother name jay i love him alot i took care of him wen he was a little baby know he iz 4 he is like my son who ever mess with him they mess with me even my sisster i am a shy girl i like 2 dance my favorite celebrities is the jonas brother i like nick hes so cut3.......... i like 2 look nice and i have alot of friendz and im so famous were i live in philly .luv norma